Installation process.

The following process will be used to install admin dashboard using package manager

1. Install Node.js : Please install latest version of Node.js from

2. Extract main admin : Extract the admin dashboard to your suitable directory or folder.

3. Access Command Prompt : Open node.js command prompt.

Note:- The process mentioned below can also be excuted with system command prompt.

4. In CMD, Navigate to the location where main folder is extracted.

5. Navigate to the root folder of project where package.json file exist.

6. Download node_modules folder : Run npm install command to install node_modules folder with dependencies.

7. To run npm run dev.

Note:- when you run above command it will run project in browser automatically.

Note:- It will enable auto refresh function everytime you save a file.

8. Run command npm run build to build for production.

9. Install Git : If you are a Git user. Please install latest version of Git from

Note:- All the commands mentioned above can be executed using Git.

In case if you have any problems or query then please contact us